State and Local Government

Copiers & Multi Function Products – AEPA# AEPA013.1-A

Laser Printers – WSCA# B27167

Kyocera is here to help you find the right solutions to increase mobility and control costs for state and local government, an essential step where staff are often required to be on the go and active, rather than entirely office-based.

When moving between locations, MyQ users are able to use the Print&Follow Job Release feature. This provides the ability to have jobs not only follow you inside the local network but across wide area networks as well. Jobs can roam and follow you across different offices or print networks.

To further control the usage of print, Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) provides meter data for automated billing and toner level for auto-replenishment with no middleware required. This enables states and local authorities to track usage and budget accordingly.